19th Dec

As I collect “living our values” stories throughout Functional Pathways, I am amazed with the innovative ideas that come from all of you.  I find myself searching through emails as soon as I open my Outlook for examples of how you are living the values.  The value examples are such a shot in the arm and a constant reminder of how committed and compassionate our people really are when empowered to act on their ideas.  Living the values in front of our residents and customers truly makes all of you Elite providers of rehab services.  The following story is a great example of our team living the values, not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year.  At the Patriot, in Somerset PA, you’ll find the holiday spirit in full swing.  The Patriot’s team has come up with a very innovative idea. The departments work together to organize fund raisers throughout the year and the proceeds go to build the Christmas Shop for the residents. Each resident is allowed to visit the store and pick three items, FREE of charge, as presents, that they can share with their loved ones. The team also wrapped and tagged these gifts for the residents. They also provided a photo booth with reindeer so the residents can get a picture for the holidays. In addition, they have a resident Christmas tree where staff members pick a ticket and supply a gift for the residents to ensure everyone in the facility receives a gift! This is only one example of elite people living the values.  My goal is to continue to share these examples so we can all  pick up ideas to share with our own residents.  Good ideas tend to develop into great ideas as more people get involved and add to the discussion.  So please keep sending me examples of how you and yPatriotour team live our core values!  Have a wonderful holiday season!!!!

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