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11th Dec

The Cookie Jar Fund has had a great year in 2013.  In September we kicked off our first Pep Rally which turned out to be a great success.  With a total of $3,150.00 raised, we couldn’t be more proud of our team and our FP family for making the idea reality.  Because of the wonderful success we are hoping to make this a yearly event.  We hope to have some new and even more exciting fundraising ideas as we head into the New Year.

We got to hear a few testimonies from some of our wonderful recipients this year.  Hearing their stories and knowing the kind of impact The Cookie Jar Fund has made in their lives really helps us get a perspective on how important this fund is. It’s very special to us that we can give back to the people who work so hard for Functional Pathways.

Last but certainly not least, the committee decided on 5 core values for the Cookie Jar Fund and for the committee members to live by.  These are very important to us as we set the direction in which we want The Cookie Jar Fund to go in 2014.  The five values are Integrity, Empathy, Family, Compassion, and Growth.  These will help set a tone as we move forward and continue to improve, not only The Cookie Jar Fund, but our involvement as committee members as well.


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