For the last year and a half I have been blogging about things you can do to build your census. I would like to think that they have been helpful although I am quite sure some have fallen short of that goal. Today I am going to write about something that as I grow older I have been giving more and more thought to. When my time is up what is my story going to say about what I contributed to this world.

I am not going to write about me, but I am going to try to encourage you to find out what stories you have in your community. Do you know? Have you ever taken the time to find out?

The thing that got me thinking about this was the retirement of one of the associate pastors in my church. Soon his whole life was going to change. As they read off his list of accomplishments, I began to think back to when I was in college and I had a job over Christmas break at a wholesale florist. As the new- year was approaching one of the founders of the company was retiring so we had a small going away/retirement party for him. It was nothing big, just the guys that were working there. After it was over I watched that man leave the building/business that he had poured his entire adult life into. I watched him slowly turn and take one last look. Not one word was said, but I have to tell you, it was one of the most powerful things I have ever witnessed.

The point is, there are many people in your community that have made all kinds of contributions during their time. Some of those could be big, some could not, it does not matter. What matters is that it was important to someone somewhere. Take the time to find out.

What will this exercise do for you? Probably nothing more than make those that live in your community feel good that someone actually took the time to ask. That there is someone out there that genuinely cares. Who knows, you may have someone that you can call the newspaper about and get an article generated that will bring positive publicity to your place. Sorry, there I go trying to help you build your census again. Man, I hope I do something bigger, more meaningful with my life. Time will tell.

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